Lenz Truck Center

Did you know Lenz Truck Center sold 3,638 vehicles in 2015?  That was over 300 vehicles sold per month!  With 26 working days in each month that averages out to be over 11 vehicles sold per day and more than one vehicle sold for every hour we are open.  Let us know what truck you want so we can hold it for you until you arrive.  Thanks for visiting our website!

Lenz Truck Center, America's Leading Used Trucks Dealer

Tough exteriors, quality engines and comfortable interiors are just some of the characteristics shared by the stock of used trucks at Lenz Truck Center. We remain a leader among SUV and truck dealers in the Midwest because we're not willing to compromise on price or quality, and we don't think you should have to either.

Our lot right here in Wisconsin is known not only for the budget-friendly used trucks it houses, but also for Lenz Truck Center's unwavering pledge to sell only the best. That's why we have our own Full Service Repair shop - to make sure all the vehicles on our lot are inspected and serviced to Lenz Truck Center standards.

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