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*P.W. - Racine, WI

"We had just filed for bankruptcy and our car was getting repoed. Brad got us the Ford Expedition that we wanted even though we were in the middle of a BK! We did not have to wait until our bankruptcy was discharged."

* D.B. - Milwaukee, WI

"We had been to a lot of different car lots and no one could get us approved! Brad got us approved in their CAPS program for the car we wanted!"

* P.B. - Germantown, WI

"We are so happy with our new truck! Brad had us approved in less then 10 minutes! It really is GUARANTEED CREDIT APPROVAL!"

* W.B. - Green Bay, WI

"I was just about ready to quit and buy a junker until I found Lenz Sales, Inc. website. I applied, was approved, and got a great car!"

* C.C. - N. Fond du Lac, WI

"I told Brad he wasting his time trying to get me a car loan! The next morning I picked up the exact car I wanted!"

* B.D. - Two Rivers, WI

"Brad is the Man!"

* T.G. - Medford, WI

"All the other car dealers said NO! We got the Tahoe we wanted at Lenz! Thanks Brad!"

* J.H. - Fond du Lac, WI

"I never had a car loan, credit card, or any other type of credit.....and Brad got me approved. I put down some money....saved up the rest and picked up my car 3 weeks later!"

* J.H. - Marinette, WI

"They really worked with me......I mean they really really worked with me!"

* M.H. - Fond du Lac, WI

"I had my old car repossed the same day I got approved at Lenz! I could not believe Brad got it done!"

* J.K. - Fond du Lac, WI

"Trust me....NO ONE WOULD GIVE ME A LOAN!!!! Brad had me approved in no time! I love my Jeep!"

* S.M. - Oshkosh, WI

"I tried everywhere and no one would give me a loan. Brad not only got me approved, but went out and got the car I wanted! We picked up our Cadillac the following week!"

* L.M. - Rockton, IL

"We were in the middle of a Bankructcy. I thought I would have to wait until it was discharged, but Brad got me approved and we picked up our truck!"

* K.S. - Montague, MI

"I applied on line, Brad got us approved, we drove 6 hours the following weekend and picked up our truck! Lenz is worth the drive!"

* J.T. - Princeton, MN

"I am self employed with bad credit and no one would help me get a truck loan. Brad had me approved in minutes and I love my Ford diesel!"

* M.W. - Fond du Lac, WI

"I was a ghost when it came to credit...I had never had any. Every bank or dealership said I had to have a co-signor, but I did not have one. Brad got me done on my own and now I am establishing my credit!"

* N.Y. - Rubicon, WI

"We had been turned down by everyone! Brad was great....he got us the truck we came to buy!"

* Anonymous - Unkown, ?

"I have the worst credit in the world! There is no one who could possibly have worse credit then me! To this day I can not believe Brad got me that loan. I have turned my life around and have made every payment. Brad helped me set up my payments electronically so it is impossible for me to miss a payment......I now have a credit score other then 0!!!!!! Call will change your life!

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At Lenz Truck Center, we're about quality

Tough exteriors, quality engines and comfortable interiors are just some of the characteristics shared by the stock of used trucks at Lenz Truck Center. We remain a leader among SUV and truck dealers in the Midwest because we're not willing to compromise on price or quality, and we don't think you should have to either.

Our used trucks lot right here in Wisconsin is known not only for the budget-friendly used trucks it houses, but also for Lenz Truck Center's unwavering pledge to sell only the best. That's why we have our own Full Service Repair shop - to make sure all the vehicles on our lot are inspected and serviced to Lenz Truck Center standards.

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